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Results: 1 - 20 of 24
  • Benjamin van Rooij back at UvA
    28 Jun 2018
    Prof. B. van Rooij has returned to The Netherlands and UvA. He has been appointed Professor of Law and Society at UvA's Law School.
  • Netherlands China Law Centre PhD Defence Ceremonies
    21 Oct 2014
    On October 30th and November 4th, two of the Netherlands China Law Centre's PhD candidates will defend their PhD dissertation at the Agnietenkapel of the UvA.
  • "China's Pollution Challenge"
    26 May 2014
    Professor Benjamin van Rooij co-authors an op-ed on "China's Pollution Challenge" with Professor Alex Wang of UCLA's School of Law in the New York Times.
  • Conference on Regulation, Power and Legal Empowerment
    26 May 2014
    Prof. van Rooij of the Netherlands China Law Centre and the Long Insitute is co-organizing an academic conference on 9-11 June in Indonesia, hosted by Diponegoro University in Semarang, Indonesia.
  • Update China Activiteiten NCLC
    14 Jan 2014
    Het NCLC continueert China-onderzoek en samenwerking met Benjamin van Rooij sinds zijn vertrek naar de VS.
  • Opening academic year 2013-2014 - China theme
    30 Aug 2013
    The theme of University of Amsterdam's academic year of 2013-2014 will be: "UvA meets China."
  • Benjamin van Rooij appointed Professor at University of California, Irvine, CA, USA
    18 Aug 2013
    Prof. B. van Rooij has started his fulltime position of Professor of U.S.-China Business and Law at the Long Institute at UCI.
  • Cancellation of Governance and Society in China seminar 4 April 2013
    3 Apr 2013
    Tomorrow's Governance and Society in China seminar with speaker Dr. Adriaan Bedner has been cancelled.
  • Interview with Benjamin van Rooij on food safety in China and people's trust in the authorities
    12 Mar 2013
    On March 10th, Prof. Benjamin van Rooij was interviewed by radio broadcasting agency Villa VPRO's program "Bureau Buitenland" on food safety in China and the people's trust in the governmental authorities.
  • Podcast interview with Benjamin van Rooij on Chinese law and legal research in China
    29 Jan 2013
    On 20 January, Prof. Benjamin van Rooij was interviewed by the podcast radio station Swammerdam: Science in Amsterdam (Swammerdam: Wetenschap te Amsterdam) on studying Chinese law and performing legal research in China.
  • NCLC and Benjamin van Rooij in brochure on Sino-Dutch scientific collaboration
    17 Jan 2013
    A brochure on Sino-Dutch scientific collaboration, recently co-published by the KNAW and NWO, includes a focus on the NCLC and Benjamin van Rooij.
  • Arrival of second Erasmus Mundus guest
    3 Dec 2012
    On December 3rd, the second of our two Erasmus Mundus funded guest scholars, Ms. Zhu Baoli, started working at our centre.
  • Prof. van Rooij joins editorial board
    22 Nov 2012
    Prof. Benjamin van Rooij will join the international editorial board for Regulation & Governance.
  • Recent publications Prof. van Rooij
    22 Nov 2012
    Information about Prof. Benjamin van Rooij's recent publications.
  • PhD research fellow Mrs. Wu in Amsterdam
    9 Nov 2012
    PhD research fellow Wu Yunmei has arrived at the NCLC in Amsterdam.
  • Note: no seminar today
    8 Nov 2012
    Extra confirmation
  • Arrival of new PhD research fellow
    3 Oct 2012
    New PhD research fellow Qi Ding has arrived at the NCLC in Amsterdam.
  • Seminar Program 2012-2013 update
    27 Sep 2012
    Please note that our Seminar Program has been updated with some extra seminars as well as some changed locations!
  • Publication update
    25 Sep 2012
    Submitted articles have been accepted for publication and others have been published.
  • New website?
    4 Sep 2012
    Yes, for some of you, finding this website instead of the old familiar one may come as a surprise. The University of Amsterdam has changed its entire website (in September 2012). Therefore, all websites of UvA's ...