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WANG Qiliang

Senior Research Fellow

Wang Qiliang is senior research fellow at the Netherlands China Law Centre, as well as vice-dean and associate professor at Yunnan University Faculty of Law. As vice-dean, apart from general managerial tasks, he is in charge of the Faculty's research. His own research and teaching focuses on legal anthropology and jurisprudence.

Over the last decade prof. Wang has been involved in a large number of local level fieldwork projects studying the functioning of state and non-state law at the local level. His PhD thesis concerned social control systems in China's border minority regions, based on a long study in several minority communities in South-Western China, with an in-depth analysis of the functioning of non-state norms and social control mechanisms. He pursued a Post-doc degree at the Rural Governance Institute of Central China University of Science and Technology, where he has since continued as a research associate.

His publications have appeared in leading law and social science journals and publishing houses in China. Apart from research he has also been involved in a number of consultancies including a project on juvenile detention for Safe the Children, as well as the development of rule of law indicators for the Kunming Municipal government.

At the Netherlands China Law Centre, Wang Qiliang conducts theoretical research about the implementation of law, seeking to conceptualize and analyze legal implementation within the Chinese context, funded by the China Scholarship Council. Meanwhile Wang Qiliang uses his broad fieldwork experience in the field of law to advise the centre and its PhD students on matters related to local level legal research in China.


Contact details

Wang Qiliang is currently located in China. He is best contacted via e-mail.