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The Netherlands China Law Centre 荷中法律研究中心


Senior Fellows

Theoretical and Methodological Adviser

List of scholars that obtained their doctorate degree at NCLC: 

  • Kathinka FÜRST  
  • William GUO
  • LI Na 
  • LI Yedan
  • QI Ding
  • Annemieke VAN DEN DOOL
  • WU Yunmei
  • YAN Huiqi

List of other previous scholars at NCLC:

  • CHEN Huihui
  • CHEN Yu
  • CHENG Xiang
  • HAN Shu
  • Norman P. HO 
  • JIANG Ruoxi
  • LU Feng
  • SHI Yifan
  • WANG Lan
  • XU Ting
  • ZHU Baoli