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WU Yunmei

PhD Research Fellow

Ms. Yunmei Wu is a PhD research fellow at the Netherlands China Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam, as well as at the Long US-China Institute for Business and Law, University of California, Irvine. Ms. Wu obtained her Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Law at the Sociology Department of Renmin University (China) in 2003, and got her Master’s degree (MA) in Sustainable Development at the Regional Center of Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD) of ChiangMai University (Thailand). Currently, Ms. Wu is also an assistant researcher at the Sociology Institute, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, and a council member of the Yunnan Health and Development Research Association (NGO) in China.

Her academic interest has been developed around understanding the logic of people’s action, referring to social institutions and social factors. Her BA  thesis discussed “Campus’ Life and Socialization of Undergraduates” , and her MA thesis, “Intra-Community Contestation in Institutional Development Process of Historic-Village Tourism Management: A Case Study of Tuanshan Village in Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China” addressed the issue of contestations within a village arising from the development process of tourism. The focus of that thesis was to identify factors and in-depth social institutions (e.g. property relations, politics of cultural heritage) contributing to conflicts. Other research topics she has studied along this line are: “Citizens’ perceptions of industrial pollution and its effect on health”, “Basic occupational health service of Yunnan migrant workers”, “Child malnutrition in a Miao ethnic group village”, etc.

Currently, she is doing her PhD research on restaurant compliance behaviour through a process approach under the supervision of Professor Benjamin van Rooij, Professor Wim Huisman and Dr. Jeroen van der Heijden. Using the anthropological method of in-depth case study, she intends to see how (non)compliance behaviours take place through three core processes, in terms of the regulatory process, organisational process, and individual process. The anthropological method of long-stay and in-depth case study allows her to observe true behaviour and obtain confidential data from interviewees. The process approach also unites the endogenous and exogenous approach of compliance study, not only understanding how compliance is constructed and perceived, but also by measuring compliance behaviours. Ms. Wu is currently in her second year of performing field work research in China. 


Contact details

Wu Yunmei is currently located in China. She is best contacted via e-mail.
(Telephone: +86 - 1323 8660 882)

Published by  NCLC

27 February 2015