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QI Ding

Affiliated PhD Research Fellow

Qi Ding is an affiliated research fellow of the Netherlands China Law Centre. After finishing an LL.B. degree at Renmin University of China, Ms. Qi acquired an LL.M. majoring in Civil Procedural Law from Fudan University, supervised by Prof. Zhang Wusheng. Her research areas include (but are not limited to): comparative civil procedural law, class action, environmental public interest litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Qi Ding participated in an international cooperative project in 2010, which was supervised by Prof. Astrid Stadler at Konstanz University, Germany. Qi Ding used to work as an intern at Junhe Law Firm (Beijing Head Office) in 2008, CMS Law Firm (Shanghai Office) in 2011, and at the Intellectual Property Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court in 2012.

Qi Ding’s current PhD research (funded by the China Scholarship Council) focuses on understanding the power of the Supreme People’s Court in China. Ms. Qi's research is aimed at gaining more insight into the legal and practical functioning of the highest national court in China, and offers a reflection on the relation between the separation of powers doctrine and the role of the highest national courts beyond western democratic legal settings. Qi Ding’s PhD research program is supervised by Prof. Leonard Besselink (promoter) and Prof. Benjamin van Rooij (main advisor). 


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13 March 2018