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PhD Research Fellow

Cheng Xiang is a research fellow at the Netherlands China Law Centre. Concurrently, he is also a member of the Xiamen University Environmental and Energy Law Research Center. In 2002, Cheng Xiang got his Bachelor degree at Dalian Maritime University, Liaoning Province, China. At Dalian Maritime University, Cheng Xiang majored in International Foreign Trade Transportation Management. Since September 2002, he studied at Xiamen University (Fujian Province, China) School of Law, majoring in civil procedure under the supervision of Professor Qi Shujie.

Before obtaining his Master's degree in Law in 2005, Cheng Xiang published in the area of civil justice reform, comparative civil procedure and the law of evidence. In 2003 and 2004, he conducted fieldwork on Chinese civil procedural law in practice at local courts in Quanzhou and Xiamen city, leading to several related publications. His master dissertation was on the legal position of expert evidence in civil procedure. In 2005, Cheng Xiang was admitted as a PhD candidate at Xiamen University School of Law, supervised by Professor Qi Shujie. The topic of Cheng Xiang's PhD research at Xiamen University was the comparative study of environmental dispute resolution.

Currently, Mr. Cheng is pursuing a PhD degree at Amsterdam Law School, funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The topic of this PhD study is citizen complaints as a pathway to environmental justice in a South-East city of China. His research focuses on how citizens' pollution grievances are developed into complaints and how environmental authorities respond to such complaints. In 2009, Mr. Cheng carried out participant observation at environmental protection bureaus and conducted interviews with environmental officials and aggrieved citizens. Mr. Cheng is currently working in Shanghai as Deputy Business Development Manager at Shenzhen Qianhai International Energy Financial Center Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, he is working on the finalization of his PhD dissertation under Prof. Benjamin van Rooij's supervision. 


Contact details

Cheng Xiang is currently located in China. He is best contacted via e-mail.

Published by  NCLC

27 February 2015