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Affiliated PhD Research Fellow

Chen Yu is an affiliated research fellow of the Netherlands China Law Centre. She obtained her original Bachelor degrees of laws from Chongqing University (China) in 2000 and Master degrees of laws from Southwest University of Political Science and Law in 2003 (China) respectively. In September 2009, as a judge, she was selected by the Supreme People’s Court of China (SPC) and the UK Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to join a delegation of six Chinese judges participating in the MOJ-SPC Judicial Studies Training Programme sponsored by MOJ to study on the Master of Laws at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, where in December 2010 she was awarded the LLM degree with Distinction. In June 2010, Chen Yu spent a month undertaking a summer placement at the internationally recognised law firm Hogan Lovells (UK) and in Barristers Chambers at 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square (UK).

Prior to her stay in London, Chen Yu worked at The Guangzhou Intermediate Court of Guangdong Province (China) for more than seven years (2003-2009), as a clerk (1 year), judge assistant (1 year) and civil judge (5 years) over time. Sitting in court, she dealt with civil cases of a wide range, and during her time as a clerk and judge assistant, she also worked with senior judges on administrative and criminal cases in her assistant capacity.

Along with her duty as a judge, Chen Yu spent 3,5 years as research staff and editor of an internal empirical research journal of the Court, where she was involved in various case-based empirical research projects on Chinese judicial system commissioned by either the Court or the higher courts including the Supreme Court.  

In June 2011, after coming back from London and continuing her judicial career as an intellectual property judge in the Court for another half a year, Chen Yu resigned voluntarily as a judge to work at her latest position as a project coordinator at Green Watershed, an internationally oriented Chinese environmental NGO. Her work focused on Chinese law and regulation assessment against international initiative and best practices regarding environmental protection and sustainable finance.

Ms. Chen’s research concerns the responsibility of international organizations - with a focus on the legal responsibility of multilateral development banks under international law - in relation to the environmental effects of their project financing. Since 1 September 2013, whilst remaining affiliated with and located at the NCLC, Ms. Chen’s research is supervised by Professor P.A. (André) Nollkaemper (promotor) and Dr. C.M. (Catherine) Brölmann (co-promotor) at the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL).





Published by  NCLC

27 February 2015